1. Mix the flour, ajwain, salt and oil in a big bowl with some water to form a nice soft dough. Divide into golf-sized balls and set aside. 

2. Sauté cumin seeds, onions and spices for a till soft and fragrant.

3. Add in potatoes, dried mint and salt, and cook for a few minutes to combine everything together. 

4. Mix in fresh coriander leaves and set aside to cool.

5. Roll out each dough ball into circular discs and cut them in half, into semi-circles.

6. Taking each semi-circle, roll one end to the other forming a cone. Fill each cone with the potato filling, and seal tightly to make a triangle.

7. Deep fry the samosas till golden and crisp on all sides. Serve hot with some Green Chutney or ketchup on the side!