Let’s get Cooking!

Written by Meena Agarwal on September 13th, 2005 | No Comments

Hello lovely people and welcome to my new blog, a food journal of sorts for all things edible. Here, I will rant, I will rave, I will pull my hair out, but only because I am a perfectionist who needs her food to be just the way she likes it – quick, simple and delicious!

There’s a lot of difference between the way Mom and I come up with our creations. The taste might be very similar, but the way it’s made is not. Mom likes to cook the traditional way, even if it means spending the whole morning to make lunch. And don’t get me started on when we have one of those lavish dinner parties!

I, on the other hand, love to find the shortest and easiest routes to get to my destination! I try to make my life so much simpler by having a food processor in close proximity, instead of pounding the life out of my mortar and pestle. There are many time savers, that when put together, makes cooking a breeze. And if you’re a believer of the old and traditional ways of cooking, I’ll encourage you to try out my recipes my way, and you’ll see that they are loaded with the same flavours.

I think I began cooking when I moved into a hostel about 10 years ago. Living on your own teaches you a lot, and cooking is one of them! The first few months I survived mainly on instant noodles and the cafeteria food. Not long after, I decided that it was time I did something about it. So I called up my mom, and that was the beginning of our regular recipe exchanges over phone (did I mention it was long distance?!).

Every time we would talk, the topic of what each of us had for lunch or dinner was an unavoidable question. With that continued the saga of how it was made, and what other variations could be added to make better. It wasn’t long before I realized I enjoyed cooking, and why not, I was good at it! It was always a proud moment for me when I got a compliment on my culinary skills. And an even bigger one for Mom when they would tell her that I fall right into her footsteps.

So don on those aprons, fire up that stove and allow me to take you on a culinary journey. A journey so satisfyingly good, you’ll be surprised that you haven’t even stepped out of your home. And as every good host is always proud to declare, I say to you, Let the party begin!

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